Friday, February 17, 2012

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver:

An Open Source Hardware Stepper Motor Drive Project:

Bruce Shapiro got me to design and build the UBW (USB Bit Whacker) project to solve his problem of disappearing parallel ports on computers. The UBW design has exceeded all of my expectations. As well as meeting the original design objectives, it has proven itself a great platform for many forms of firmware. But there was still a problem! Bruce traditionally used the UCN5804B stepper motor driver chip for his EggBot classes because it is easily breadboardable and very simple to use. Unfortunately, they are now $17 each and very difficult to find. Bruce wondered if I could design and build a replacement driver that would still be mountable on a breadboard, would still just need two input lines (step and direction) and would drive bi-polar stepper motors. And so now we have the EasyDriver design.

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver - [Link]

Big Easy Driver Stepper Motor Driver - [Link]

EasyDriver Quad - [Link]

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