Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas

Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas:
Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas – Max Marmer – Harvard Business Review via Freaklabs.
Many venture capitalists are up in the arms because their returns are down, their funds are drying up, and there appear to be a declining number of entrepreneurs pursuing big ideas.
They’ve turned to blaming angel investors for encouraging “an entire generation of entrepreneurs [to build] — companies and hoping that they sell to Google for $25 million.” They say, “this ‘think small’ attitude is driving entrepreneurs who may otherwise build the next Google or Microsoft to create something much less interesting instead.” And this has implications for the whole ecosystem because, “then everyone loses. No IPO. No 20,000 tech jobs. No new buyer out there for the startups that don’t quite make it.”

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