Sunday, June 10, 2012

App note: 112W Boost driver for long strings of LEDs

App note: 112W Boost driver for long strings of LEDs:

Maxim shows how to build a 112 watt DC-DC boost driver for long strings of LEDs. The driver is current controlled,with adjustable output from 0 to 1.5Amps.
This reference design is for a high-voltage boost current source for very long strings of LEDs. Applications that use long LED strings include, but are not limited to, streetlights and parking garage lights. Long LED strings can be a very cost-effective way to drive LEDs. Also, since the LEDs will have exactly the same current, brightness variations are nicely controlled. This design has a 24V input, up to a 75V LED output, and drives 1.5A through the LED string (or strings, if paralleled). The measured input power is 115.49W and the output power is 111.6W for an efficiency of about 96.6%.

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