Friday, July 20, 2012

EvoSpice 4.1 – Numerical optimizer (solver) for LTSpice

EvoSpice 4.1 – Numerical optimizer (solver) for LTSpice:

Using the fastest evolutionary algorithm in commercial use EvoSpice will automatically find the best component values for your circuit. Simple add text comments to your schematic telling EvoSpice what component values to change and what targets you have for circuit performance and EvoSpice will do the rest.
EvoSpice is numerical optimizer for LTSpice IV. It automatically selects component values to maximize or minimize aspects of circuit behavior e.g. power dissipation or output amplitude. EvoSpice uses ‘Rapid Evolution’ which is hundreds of times faster than competing systems. Giving you results in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
Use EvoSpice to:
  • Maximize circuit efficiency.
  • Minimize supply current for battery applications.
  • Design filters.
  • Optimize almost any aspect of a circuit’s performance.
EvoSpice 4.1 – Numerical optimizer (solver) for LTSpice  - [Link]

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