Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can Engineering be “Just a Job?”

Can Engineering be “Just a Job?”:
Over on EngineerBlogs, Chris Gammell has written up a post asking his readers if they think that engineering can be “just a job” — that is, can engineering be just something you do to make money, or does it have to be more than that. Obviously, there’s no practical reason why this can’t happen. I think what he really wants to know is if there are a significant number of folks who are actually doing that, as opposed to doing engineering because there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing. I’m curious about this too.
While engineering is still a potentially lucrative career path, from an income perspective it cannot compete with the financial fields today. As such, it would seem that most people today who choose engineering as a career would do so because they like building things and figuring out how things work.
Chris has gotten some great responses to his post over on EB, but I wanted to post it here on Adafruit too, because it’s something I’m curious about as well, and because we have a very diverse audience here.
So what do you think? Do people still enter the engineering field simply because it provides a comfortable living, or is the ‘making a living’ aspect only a small part of why they (you!) choose engineering as a career?

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