Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Khan Academy: The future of education?

Khan Academy: The future of education?:

I love Khan Academy.  I used it extensively since it was just a channel on youtube to help me get through the EE program at Tennessee Tech.  IT helped alot with math and physics, but his topics go far beyond just those.  He covers a wide variety  of topics including History, Programming, and even finance.  Check his site out and donate if you have the funds!

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Khan Academy: The future of education? @ CBS News.
Sal Khan is a math, science, and history teacher to millions of students, yet none have ever seen his face. Khan is the voice and brains behind Khan Academy, a free online tutoring site that may have gotten your kid out of an algebra bind with its educational how-to videos. Now Khan Academy is going global. Backed by Google, Gates, and other Internet powerhouses, Sal Khan wants to change education worldwide, and his approach is already being tested in some American schools. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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